The Autism Centre of Excellence at Cambridge

In 2021 the Autism Centre of Excellence at Cambridge (ACE) was registered as a new charity, developed from predecessor charity the Autism Research Trust (ART).

ACE translates world-class autism research into evidence-based best practice. By working closely with autistic people, families, carers and service providers across the world, ACE helps autistic people and their families get excellent support at the right time. Online resources such as The Transporters and Mindreading are an important part of this support, proven to be safe and effective.

The main ACE website will go live shortly, in the meantime please feel free to access recources via this page.

Online resources for autistic people, their families and carers

The Autism Centre of Excellence at Cambridge (ACE) provide courses, information, and resources aimed to help autistic children and adults as well as their parents and carers, available worldwide.

Your feedback is welcome

The decision to create this platform came out of feedback from parents themselves, and we want to provide the resources that will be most useful to you. As such, we are open to ideas, suggestions, and requests. Please feel free to get in touch: [email protected]

Our partners

Our learning resources are developed in partnership with:

The Autism Research Centre:

Our courses are backed up by the evidence collected through research trials. Key investigators working on the project include Professor Simon Baron-Cohen and Dr David Greenberg from the University of Cambridge’s Autism Research Centre.

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